ENGLISH | One Way, a renewed faith project!


For non-Spanish speakers! To everyone out there in the world! To you who are here by chance… you have to read and to know about this:

We are a big group of young people that belongs to a little church from a working class immigrant neighborhood in Madrid, Spain. Our big and deep desire is to show the love of Christ to the world.

We believe that a new faith is possible, but many people think believing in Christ is boring, something weird, and an old-fashioned thing. We want to tell the world this is not true. The love that we have received from God has changed our lives, we have fallen in love with Him, and we are happy because of this. True love is only found in Jesus who loved first and we want to spread this love and this light to all people of every nation.

To make this possible in a completely new way, the Spirit led us to use our musical gifts to create and produce an album with music that talks about God.

This album includes seven songs that are very popular in our Christian Community, and we have covered them in our own style.

More than 30 people have participated in the project. Young people, families, kids, priests… We have recorded everything in our Church, with no money, no experience in musical production, nothing but our trust in God.

And now, we are here, four months later, in the finish line to launch the album to the world and with it, a couple of videos for the songs in it and much more extra content.

We hope you feel that this adventure is also yours in some way, and help us to show the world that following Jesus gives hope, joy and happiness.



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